Thursday, October 7, 2010


Remember last Friday when I refrained from my local thrift store purchases in the hopes of scoring some even better ones on our Saturday outing downtown? Turns out I made the right choice! Almost immediately after arriving at the St. Vincent de Paul, we spotted this amazingly gorgeous Drexel china cabinet/hutch. All three dovetail drawers were smooth-running, the three glass shelves were in perfect condition, and three built-in lights were in working order! The clean, mid-century style and near-flawless finish sealed the deal (along with the $199 price tag!) I haggled them down to $175, scheduled the delivery and jumped for joy! And despite the pouring rain, it was delivered early this morning and set down delicately in our dining room, ready to be loved and accessorized!

Look at these beautiful drawer pulls!

Here's a side view and a glimpse at the lighting

The Drexel Furniture Co. was founded in 1903 in Drexel, about five miles east of Morganton, North Carolina. The enterprise was originally operated by Samuel Huffman, who with five Morganton businessmen founded the company. Their initial investment of $14,000 went towards erecting a factory and installing furniture-making machinery within. Production began with about 50 workers making oak dressers, washstands, and chiffonniers.

Drexel is still in business today, so I’ve emailed them to try to get more information about our piece. Will let you know what I hear back!

We also walked out with this beautiful lamp (notice how the caning pattern complements my revamped chairs?) and this cute little bud vase:

I'm super excited to fill our hutch with great little finds, maybe something I score at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend? Hopefully the rain will let up long enough for us to enjoy it!

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