Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Instant Art

While browsing the racks at Marshall’s last week, I spied these great 1895 U.S. state map placemats from Kikkerland and snatched them up for a steal-worthy $7. But instead of letting my kids drip their soup and sauce on all of them, I had another plan in the works. I’ve been looking for some artwork for the blank wall in their bedroom, and these hit the mark! The muted tones and multitude of options they presented – 46 to be exact (maps for Maryland and Delaware and Kentucky and Tennessee were combined) – would be perfect.

I obviously couldn’t fit all 46 – nor do I have the budget (or patience!) to hang that many frames – so I decided to pick out the ones with personal meaning to our family. I remembered two matching gold frames that had yet to find a home in the new house and would add a little luxury to the simple paper “artwork”, and chose the Pennsylvania and Massachusetts maps (home states for my husband and me, respectively.)

Some quick adjusting, measuring and hammering later, and we’ve got beautiful, framed, personal and educational artwork.

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