Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wee Little Ghosties

Our neighborhood is definitely getting in the Halloween spirit, and although I started to spook out our house a bit a couple of weeks ago, I could tell that I needed to amp things up, since our only outdoor decoration thus far were my bats-on-a-branch, and those could only be seen if you walked all the way up to our door. But as I’ve mentioned before, my kids are not fans of ghouls and gore, so in an effort to keep things tame I decided to sew up some little ghosties to hang in our front windows. Nothing with stuffing could be that scary, right?

I scrounged through my fabric basket and found three slightly different, but all neutral toned fabrics (these weren’t going to be your run of the mill white ghosts with black eyes, these ghosts were going to have some style and individuality.) I freehanded a random, ghost-ish shape and used it as a template to cut out two of each fabric:

Then I sewed the fronts to backs, leaving a little opening at the bottom to flip them right side out.

Next I selected some complementary felts for their eyes. Now, a smart person would have sewn the eyes on one side before sewing the sides together, but I didn’t really think this project through before I jumped in, as I tend not to do when I get excited, so I had to sew the eyes through the tiny opening at the bottom of each ghost…what a pain.

But once the eyes were on and the little guys were filled with stuffing and stitched shut, they looked pretty cute, dontcha think?

PS - I've entered these over at The CSI Project's Halloween Extravaganza Contest. I hope everyone likes there them!
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Kristin said...

OMG! I love these ghosts! They are retro and they totally remind me of the packman ghosts! Well done :)

Ammie said...

These are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

Koko said...

This is too cute!