Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When I was looking for inspiration for wall art in the kids room - before I hung the framed maps - I came across this image from Cookie Magazine (loved,loved, loved that magazine too, by the way…sniff, sniff) and thought I might try something similar.

We have a Polaroid camera in a moving box somewhere, and what better way to add a personal touch to the space than with photos that the kids could take themselves and easily rotate out? Well, fast forward a few days later when the Polaroid was nowhere to be found and I discovered the price of Polaroid film since they discontinued it – yikes! I thought I would have to say goodbye to the fun Polaroid look and feel, until I was browsing Urban Outfitters on my lunch break last week (yes, I usually spend about 50 minutes shopping and browsing and 10 minutes actually eating on my lunch breaks…how long does it take to inhale a burrito anyway?!) and came across these cool Polaroid photo inserts:

These plastic instant photo-style frames make any photo look like a Polaroid, and even come with a tack back so you easily hang them on a wall or bulletin board. At only $18 for nine of them, you could have a totally customized and personal looking wall for under $100.  And for even less you can get this set of five polaroid-looking magnetic snapshot frames - great for a fridge or chalkboard painted surface, like our den closet doors!

I’m pretty happy with our framed maps for now, but maybe I’ll try this in another area of the house – over the mantle in the living room, scattered inside our new hutch in the dining room, or maybe even along the hallway wall down to the den. What do you think?

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