Friday, October 29, 2010


On our way home from school yesterday my girls were in the back seat chatting excitedly about today's Halloween festivities at school - a breakfast for my preschooler and a parade for my 2nd grader. Then came the request - "can we stop at the store and get some Halloween shirts to wear tomorrow morning?" I have to admit that I cringed a little from the front of the car, knowing that I was on my own tonight for dinner, baths and homework, which meant we wouldn't have time to stop. I also figured that with three days to go the pickings would be slim. "I'll whip something together tonight," I told them, and then spent the next two hours racking my brain about what to do. I was sifting through my little box of fabrics and notions for inspiration when I came across these iron on letters:

Which I realized could spell out:

Then I found these orange t-shirts that my mom had given them from a trip guessed it...Maine:

And then it all came together. I turned the shirts inside out and cut off the tags (I'm pretty sure I'll remember the washing instructions for two cotton t-shirts):

Then I lined up the letters face down and pressed them with a super hot iron:

 Then I let them cool a bit and peeled the backing off:

I don't expect a contract with Target for a new line of Halloween shirts, but I'm pretty pleased with my work considering the lead time. I like the slightly faded look of the lettering, but most of all I like the smiles on the kids faces when they saw the finished product:

PS - While I was in the middle of making the shirts, our super sweet neighbor Vinnie stopped by to deliver this glittery pumpkin full of Halloween cookies!

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