Friday, October 1, 2010

Frugal Finds

I’ve always been a bargain hunter when it came to clothing, never afraid to sift through the racks at stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Loehmann’s (this must be genetic, since I remember going there as a kid.) Sidenote - Grandma Roz + Loehmann’s open-concept dressing room = yikes! Over the past few years I’ve expanded my frugal sensibilities to include thrift stores and flea markets for furniture and home decor. Yes, they are easy on the wallet and are a great example of recycling at its finest, but beyond that they are an amazing source for one-of-a-kind treasures.

So far in our home we have spatterings of second hand wares - these great cane-sided chairs, these beautiful gold lamps and these worn-in dictionaries, to name a few.

Yesterday I ventured over to the Council Thrift Store in Westwood (a favorite of mine since 85% of the money they raise goes to funding programs in the community) to see what new goodies had turned up, and spotted a few handsome pieces that I would love to bring home:

Desk chairs for the kids room?

An end-of-the-bed bench (with a vibrant new upholstery - maybe Ikat or Suzani?)

Hollywood Regency-style mirror for the living room?

Bedside table - with a fresh coat of paint - for the new kids room layout?

Although I was tempted, I walked away from all of these in hopes that I will find something better this weekend, when we head over to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. Fingers crossed!

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