Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muffin Top

Monday started off cold and rainy - again! - and nothing makes me want to head into the kitchen for comfort cooking than a dreary day. The kids and I got home around 5:30, and as soon as their backpacks hit the floor we were preheating the oven.

Of course their vote was for a sweet treat, so we compromised with pumpkin muffins. I found a simple recipe from Gourmet Magazine on the food blog Muffin Top (great name!), and let the kids do most of the cracking, pouring and mixing:

The only modification I made to the recipe was to add walnuts to the top of 1/2 the batch and skip the cinnamon sugar topping.

25 minutes later the house was filled with an amazing aroma, and we wasted no time digging in. I predict these will be gone by Wednesday.

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