Monday, October 18, 2010

Michael's and Michael

This weekend our Sunday morning was spent on Halloween costume preparations. Until Saturday I thought we were set - I had one devil and one bumblebee and the respective costumes ready to go. But then my devil threw a wrench in the plan, as devils often do, when she suddenly decided that she wanted something homemade instead of the Target option we had picked up last week. I have to admit, I was flattered and touched that she preferred my handiwork to the store bought versions, but I was also a little worried about finding and making something she would really like. My bumblebee also needed some antennae, which I promised I would whip together, so after a delicious chocolate pancake breakfast (thanks, Leon!) we set out for Michael's to see what I could Maguyver together for both girls.

As we walked the aisles I had another ensemble on my mind as well, this one for a Michael Jackson-themed birthday party my little one was attending in the afternoon. She's a huge MJ fan, and wanted to show up dressed the part. We considered this set from Target, but the glove and hat were way to big for her four year-old body. Then I remembered a pair of white gloves she had been given as a gift with a tea set, and decided I could fairly easily craft up something special. I grabbed a package of silver sequins, the items for the newly decided upon Halloween costume (more on that later), and we made our way home to fire up the glue gun.

A pair of jazz shoes, white ankle socks, a black hat - and the new glove - and she was ready to party!

Oh, and we got the Halloween stuff all locked up...again. We're hard at work whipping it up - will share soon!


Kristin said...

OMG!! Lila is too cute! I love her MJ outfit :) I can't believe you made that entire outfit in a couple of hours! Nice work! In further news, Gayle is going to be a witch (shocking) for Halloween...what should I be? Good witch, bad witch, Dorthy? HELP!

Carly said...

Kristin, the girls are suggesting good witch or black cat. Black cat would be an easy DIY costume I could throw together for you with homemade ears, a tail and some face paint. Good witch would probably require a bit more...