Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spooktacular Style

Our apple picking trip (and this rainy, cold weather!) definitely has me in a fall mood, and now that it's officially October, that means Halloween! We never got very decked out for Halloween in our condo - no trick-or-treaters and very few passersby meant that any door decor would go relatively unnoticed. But here in our new neighborhood I'm told we get lots of visitors on Halloween, so I'm excited to put the place in a spooky mood. I started this weekend by breaking out our old decorations from year's past.

I made these cute little felt bats last year (from an online tutorial I found) and hung them on our front door with some invisible fishing line. A sweet and spooky welcome for visitors...

Then I popped these glittered guys into a bowl to spice up the den (since the black and silver sparkles work nicely with our color scheme in there.)

I also uncovered out frightful-faced candy bucket (which until the 31st will hold our other Halloween supplies, like flashlight pins and necklaces for the kids to wear out in the dark.) 

While these are all fun and not too frightening (since my kids are scaredy-cats) I also wanted to add in a few more seasonal elements to really get the place in the mood. While picking up some must-haves at Target last night, we grabbed some glow-in-the-dark cobwebs with spiders (which will probably end up on our front window), and this great black vase (which I'll put some deep red flowers in.)

We didn't get them this trip, but I also love the look of this black feathered wreath (which I might try to make myself) and this spooky glam candelabra (which I may imitate with some black candles in my existing candlesticks) both available at Target.

Now all I have to do is figure out everyone's costumes and we'll be ready for All Hallow's Eve!

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Kristin said...

While you're figuring out the girls' costumes, please give some thought to mine too! I've never dressed up for school before! I'm thinking something relatively easy that could be put together with things in my closet or easily made by a good friend! ;) xxoo