Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Rock

On our way out for the day last month we spotted a sidewalk/yard sale with some (what looked like) amazing outdoor furniture. We decided to pull over and investigate, but upon further inspection realized it wasn't really a fit for what we wanted. On our way back to the car though, we found this pair of cute little kids rocking chairs. We didn't really need them (I guess nobody really needs pint sized rockers) but after talking the owners down to $15 for both, we threw the chairs in the back of the car and set them in the living room for the time being.

I knew I wanted to paint them (the shabby chic floral look doesn't really fit with our style) but have been going back and forth about what color to do. Cream or white to be safe and match my other chairs, or something vibrant like magenta or yellow to add a bright surprise to the room? Then, on a quick trip to the hardware store for lightbulbs, I came across this can of spray paint and knew what I wanted to go with:

I didn't waste any time in setting up my DIY spray booth (the cardboard box that our grill came in) and getting to work. I sanded them down a bit with a great sanding mitt I found and cleaned them off.

Doesn't it look like a little doll chair in a gift box?

And here's how they looked after one coat with the black lacquer spray paint:

Two coats later I added these little seat cushions I found at a dollar store near my office (I was shocked to find cushions that would fit the tiny rocking chair seats) and set them back in the living room. I'm in love! The glossy black finish is the perfect antidote to the chairs' cutesy size and quaintness, and the kids love having shiny "new" chairs to call their own.

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JM said...

Love this, Carly - and your blog! I want those chairs!