Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deck the Halls

The holiday decorating continues over here! Remember the lovely little wishing tree I made for the baby shower? Well, I was looking to add a little holiday cheer to our den (since the more formal living room will house our full Christmas tree soon) and decided to repurpose the branches I had collected to create a mini Xmas tree. I picked up a new crisp white vase from Target for $15 (the cream colored pot they were in before felt a little too low and soft for the more modern look I was going for here) and grabbed a package of small silver and turquoise ornaments for $5 (they conveniently came with silver string to hang each one.) I rearranged the branches to feel a bit more tree-ish, and then got to hanging!

While I was trimming trees I decided to also add a little color splash to this driftwood log I picked up a few months back. I saw these shiny mini red balls on our last trip to Ikea (gotta love the holiday tent over there!) and thought they would look great.

PS – Last night we hid the first of 24 little goodies in our new advent calendar bags and they were a huge hit! It's going to be such a fun month!

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