Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Made the List, Checked it Twice!

We’re down to the last three days of our advent calendar, which means the clock is ticking on my holiday shopping and I’m WAY behind!  I have somehow found the time to make my own wish list, however (I’ve definitely been more nice than naughty this year) and kindly emailed it off to the Mr. this week. Priorities, people!

Here’s what I’m hoping I find under the tree this year:

iPhone 4

Michael Kors Runway Rose Watch

Laura Mercier Body Creme (best smelling thing ever!)

Ugg Cable Knit Slippers
Even if I don't get any of these from Santa, Christmas morning will be a blast as always, thanks to the kids. And this year we'll have the added adventure of keeping the dog from eating the wrapping paper and all the gifts inside, so I've been socking away some presents (a.k.a. distractions) for her as well, including a braided bully stick and her first frisbee.
I'm also looking forward to Christmas Eve, when we'll have a few close friends over for a low-key dinner. Now that I've finally shaken this bronchitis I'll be able to accomplish all the shopping, cleaning and cooking that needs to happen before Friday!

Have you finished all your shopping? I was hoping to make more homemade gifts this year, but between the new pup and this cold I haven't had much free time. Oh well, Valentine's Day and our birthdays (all in March and April) will be here soon, and I can always find a reason to celebrate and craft!


Annamarina said...

Ooooh I love everything on your wish list ;) Hope Santa treats you well! And get the penny bottle ready for Christmas morning ;) We found out today that Cali ate two of my mom's nylon stocking/ took quite a bit of investigation when we took her on a walk, if you know what I mean! But sure enough, we solved the case of the missing nylons! Darn dog!

Carly said...

OMG - that's hilarious! Rudy loves herself some socks too - her and Cali have lots in common :) We've gone through about a dozen dog toys at this point and other than the Kong and her giant rope, nothing lasts more than an hour!

Annamarina said...

Hahaha...sounds familiar! Any Kong brand toy is definitely the best - those are the only ones Cali still has hanging around! Did I send you the link to the website with the bully sticks? Also, Cali loves their deer antlers. They are great chew toys and last a long time. Definitely worth it!