Thursday, December 16, 2010


Beginning Friday at noon my kids are officially on winter break, and less than a week later so am I. We'll be spending our days relaxing at home, playing with the pooch, doing some small projects around the house and, of course, celebrating Christmas and New Year's. I still have lots to do before I slip into vacay mode, but I was happy to cross teacher's gifts off the list this week. While I certainly don't go to the extreme on school gifts, I do like to show our appreciation with small but special tokens of our appreciation.

A couple months back I purchased eight gorgeous Voluspa candles from Gilt Groupe (at an amazing price, no less) and stashed them away, with the exception of two that I gave as hostess gifts and one that I kept for myself.

Since the boxes were hexagons they wouldn't be easy to wrap, so I opted to go for tissue and cello bags instead. I found a great pack of tissues in silver and gold and cute little star tags at Target:

While I was shopping for the wrapping I also came across these great holiday candies (I've been dying to try the Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints so I snagged an extra box, ok two, for myself.)

I'll be passing these little goodies out to some of the other important people at school, including the nurse who is always generous with the bandaids and stickers whether there's an actual injury or not, the music teacher who just cast my 2nd grader as one of the Von Trapp kids, and the daycare teacher who helps my children enjoy their afternoons while I toil away at work.

I hope they all enjoy their gifts!

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