Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wrap It Up

I’ve started to accumulate some Christmas gifts for the kids (they know that most of the presents come from us, but that one or two from their list to Santa are delivered by the big guy himself…wink, wink) and a couple for the Mr., so while I was alone with a glass of wine - ok, fine, I had two - and Grey’s Anatomy on the DVR the other night, I decided to get wrapping.

I like to put together a “wrapping palette” each year - last year was a black and white tweed print from the Container Store, the year before it was houndstooth. While the gifts looked especially lovely and the paper was of great quality, I wasn’t so happy with the price tag, especially since the kids tear through it in under five seconds per gift. So while we were in the Ikea holiday tent a couple of weeks back I was thrilled to spot some cute but affordable options. Best of all, many of them weren’t holiday-specific, so I can pull them out again for one of the dozens of birthday parties we have to buy for throughout the year.
I was totally smitten with the red bucks and plaid pattern (very Tommy Hilfiger, wouldn’t you say?) and at $1.99 for 5 ½ yards, how can you go wrong?

I also got two smaller roles of red and a craft-paper colored brown to complement:

And these tags are the perfect addition:

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with the ribbon options (the quality of ribbon really makes the packaging, in my opinion) so I’ll probably go with some simple twine, or maybe even this great jute upholstery webbing, which you can find online for around $.80 cents per yard. I would reserve this more for special gifts.

Look forward to giving lots of great gifts this year!

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