Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun Find: Ork City Neighborhood Posters

You all know I love myself a nice map as artwork. Not only does it infuse a bit of your own personal history into your space, but more often than not they are already ripe with luscious color and elegant lines. So of course I was equally enamored with these city neighborhood posters from Ork Posters when my husband passed along the link earlier this week.

He’s got his eye on this gold metallic ink screen printed L.A. version, which would look super sophisticated in a gorgeous gold frame and could be perfect for our living room wall:

I’m also drawn to the blue and brown Boston screen print (gotta represent the home town, right?!) as well as this cheeky take on the Heart:

It’s too late to hope to find one of these under the Christmas tree on Saturday, but nothing says President’s Day like a nice neighborhood poster, right? J

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