Friday, December 3, 2010

Bedding Down

There is some serious marital discord in our house. No, we’re not fighting over money or religion or even the remote. What’s coming between us? Well the thermostat of course.

I’m the first to admit that I’m constantly cold. In fact, I never took off my jacket on Tuesday, and am typing this message while wearing fingerless gloves:

I grew up in chilly Massachusetts, but I guess your blood really does start to thin out after a while, because after 11 years in LA, 60 degrees has started to feel like a frozen tundra to me. Not sure if it was the third floor positioning or the smaller space, but we never had to use the heat in our condo. In the house though, the nighttime temp has been hovering around 65 lately, so I've adopted a pretty standard evening routine: walk in the door, turn on the heat and throw on sweatpants, winter socks and a long sleeve shirt, all while the heater brings us up to a (reasonable, I say) 72 degrees, where it stays for the remainder of the night. My husband however, dislikes the skin drying effects of the heat so much that he complains, turns off the heat when I’m not looking, and chuckles at my constant shivers. Not to mention he’s not exactly a fan of my head to toe clothing coverage at bedtime.

Well yesterday I decided to something about it. While at Target picking up a humidifier for the kids' room (an attempt to offset the dry conditions created by the heater) I decided it was time to give our bedding a seasonal overhaul. I love our coverlet - bought from Garnet Hill about five years ago - but it provides little warmth, and piling on additional blankets just leaves the bed a mess of covers that shift and slide during the night. It was time to call in the big guns - a down comforter, new duvet and jersey knit sheets:

I spent most of the evening washing and drying the new and old sheets and cover, but once we got everything set and crawled inside I was in heaven. In fact, I had to take one loving shot of my new warm haven before heading into the shower this morning. Until tonight my love...

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