Monday, December 13, 2010

Hershey Kisses

Our first weekend with Hershey was an exhausting adventure! First off, it's looking like her official new name will be Rudy, inspired by the dog of a close friend of mine growing up. I consulted a few online tips for changing a dog's name and they suggested adding the new name to the old name for a few days and then dropping the old name all together. After about 12 hours of confusing each other - sometimes we'd call her Rudy, sometimes we'd call her Hershey and occasionally we'd remember to combine the two - we decided to drop the Hershey alltogether, and I'm pretty convinced she's already adjusted to the change.

The first day I really just tried to follow her cues since I wasn't sure how she would tell me she was hungry, thirsty, needed to go out or just wanted to be pet. And because I was paranoid of accidents in the house, I probably took her out WAY more than she needed, but three days in I'm feeling more confident that I know what to do and when.

I'm also pretty confident that Rudy is here to stay. Although the rescue organization had allowed her to stay with us for a trial weekend before committing to adoption, we're loving every little hyper, silly, sweet, crazy puppy thing she does (including when she jumped right into the dirt and rolled around immediately after I took her out of the bath) and are happy to be able to give her a "forever home."

To mark this new and official family addition, I did my first doggy DIY! Remeber this bucket of popcorn from Trader Joe's that I noshed on during my sick day?

Well, it seemed like the perfect size for a dog food container, so I took it out back and gave it a quick spray prime and white lacquer coat.

Then I lined the bucket with a drawstring trash bag so I could keep the food as fresh as possible by cinching it closed.

I have a feeling this is the first of many creations I'll be whipping up for our new pooch!

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