Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chance of Showers III: The Finale

Today I want to share just a few more details about the shower, and then I'll put this baby (ha!) to bed!

First off, when I was planning the day I knew I wanted to find, do or make something that could be a special keepsake for the parents-to-be, something they could keep as a reminder of the day and the people who were there, and also a way for the guests to share a bit of their love, wisdom and humor. The onesies were fun – and hopefully also provide a useful takeaway for the baby – but I was in search of something with a little more emotion behind it. Then, a couple weeks back I read about a beautiful shower where the host created a “wishing tree” – a large vase full of branches that guests could hang little wishes on – and decided it would be a perfect fit.

I started scouring our backyard and sidewalks for good branches - big enough to create a presence, but not so long someone could poke out an eye. Then I picked up a few sheets of green paper in different tones, as well as packing twine. I drew out a few different leaf shapes, traced them on the paper, and started cutting. Once I had cut enough (about 30 for us) I punched holes in the stems and tied a short piece of twin on them for hanging.

We wrote up a little note to explain the wishing tree to the guests and laid the leaves out on a plate along with a couple of pens. My daughters wrote out the first wishes to get everyone started (“I wish your baby loves school as much as I do,” wrote my seven year-old, and “love” was the wish from my four year-old.) By the end of the afternoon the tree was full of beautiful little leaves with great messages of hope, love and excitement for the new baby and her family.

The other small touch I added was customized water bottle labels. This was a simple and quick addition, but it was definitely noticed by the guests. First I scanned in the original baby shower invitation so I could create a digital version of the beautiful green letterpress dandelion. Then I made a template for the label in Microsoft word just by pasting in the dandelion image and the letters H2O. I printed the sheet out onto Avery labels in the 2X4 size, removed the existing labels from store bought water bottles and replaced them with the new customized versions. I think they looked chic and unique:

Finally, the favors. I spent a long time thinking about these. I wanted them to be something the guests would want to keep and something that matched with the overall event d├ęcor. They also needed to be fairly affordable since I had to get about 15 for each family, 30 if I wanted to give to each individual. In the end I decided on small succulent plants, which I picked up from Ikea in different varieties and wrapped in tissue, popped into a cellophane bag and tied with twine. I made a small tag for each one – also with the green dandelion image – that included the care instructions (although succulents are almost indestructible.) Everyone seemed to love them and were excited to pick one out of the pile on their way out the door.

So, aside from a few other highlights – namely the cake pops! – those are the important details from Sunday’s event.

Now, on to Thanksgiving! We’re headed down to my in-laws’ house. I thought about hosting this year, but decided I would be too worn out after the baby shower, so instead I’m bringing stuffing and table decorations (my favorite.)

I hope everyone has a celebration full of love, laughs and style!

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Annamarina said...

The baby shower looks AMAZING!! I'm sure you all had a great time. You are so creative :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Lots of love -xoxo