Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chance of Showers Part II: Stenciled Onesies

Now that I'm rested up from Sunday's festivites, I'm excited to share some of the details from my first baby shower in the new house.

When I was cooking up ideas for activities, I knew I wanted something that would be fun for both men and women, could do double duty as a keepsake for the guests of honor, and would be fairly easy to execute. When a friend suggested decorating onesies, my mind conjured up a mess of neon puff paint and bad freehand art, but when I saw these Lotta Jansdotter stencils at West Elm, I knew they would help the less artistic guests (like me!) come up with something more presentable.

The shapes were amazing- organic with just the right touch of whimsy but not so infantile they were corny. Gorgeous leaves, tree branches, even a baby elephant were included, and they seemed like the perfect touch (plus, I could keep them after the shower and use them for my own projects at home - yippee!)

I snatched up the stencils, along with two packs of Gerber Organic Onesies straight off the registry and stencil brushes and paints in a range of colors.

I did a sample one at home the night before and was thrilled with the results:

I hung mine, along with several other blank onesies, from a clothesline (complete with adorable mini clothespins) on the mantle, and laid out the rest of the onesies, paint, brushes and stencils on a table for the guests. My kids got the painting party started and before you know it, everyone was at it - even the men!

By the end of the evening we had a beautiful clothesline full of onesies that - I think - anyone would love to put on their baby.

Here are some of my faves:

So that was our main activity for the afternoon - what do you think?

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