Friday, November 19, 2010

A San Francisco Treat

Despite my fabulous LA morning on Wednesday, I had a not so fabulous San Francisco afternoon on Thursday when my return flight was delayed for more than three hours and I was left wandering SFO on just two hours of sleep from the night before. I scoped out the available power outlets at each gate they moved us to (that would be three gate changes, thank you United) and spent most of the time working on my laptop. During the last hour, however, I got fidgety and couldn’t sit anymore. I ventured around to some of the airport shots and found some treats to delight my senses:

Ghiradelli Chocolates

Cool new Swatch watches

And this amazing UK home design mag:

Although I would have much preferred to be cuddled up on my sofa at home, I'm glad to have found this little gem. I'm also glad to have been able to sleep for a full eight hours last night!

Oh, and wish me luck on the baby shower this weekend. Weather forecast is calling for rain and 60 degree temps, which isn't ideal, but we'll warm it up with fun, family and cake pops!

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