Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Yesterday I shared my little kids dresser turned living room credenza (sort of) project, which I’m super happy with, but from the moment I placed it in the room I knew it needed something on the wall behind it. I could have used these botanical sketches that hang above the mantle, but now they’re accounted for and residing happily in their new home. After much deliberating I decided a mirror would be nice, and since the room has been going in a black, cream and gold direction, I wanted to stay in that family. I scoured some online stores, did some window shopping and hit up my favorite thrift stores, but no luck.

Then I spotted this when I was cleaning out the den closet:

It’s the garland from the Tord Boontje light (sans light) that we bought a few years ago. I was desperate to have it back then, but after getting it home and hanging the light, we realized it wasn’t really a fit for our old space, so I took the garland off the pendant and wrapped it around a ceiling light in our hallway, where it remained until we moved out. I hadn’t found the right home for it in the new place yet, but when I spotted it in the closet it gave me an idea.

1 Torj Boontje Garland + 1 frameless mirror = ??

Since I was off to Ikea for baby shower supplies anyway, I picked up this $15 frameless mirror:

We hung it above the dresser by the clips provided, and then I started wrapping the garland around it. The metal is very bendable but strong and super catchy, meaning it easily sticks to itself as you wrap it. Since I didn’t have enough length to wrap it around all the way I tucked some of it behind the mirror. Here’s what I ended up with:

I think it’s a great addition to the space and perfect for the holiday season, but not so much that it wouldn’t work year-round. Have you seen any other unique projects with with this garland?

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