Monday, January 10, 2011

Rolling and Cutting

 I learned two things when I painted the kids room (all by myself) last weekend:

1) Painting without an extendable roller leads to extremely sore shoulders and legs (from climbing up and down a chair) and general grumpiness

2) Cutting in is an ENORMOUS and time consuming pain in the ass
So even though Christmas just passed, I bought myself two gifts this weekend:

When I stopped in to Osh to remedy issue #1 (normally I wouldn't think to shop there for paint-related home improvement items, but it was next door to the roller skating rink birthday party we went to on Sunday so I thought I would give it a try) I was thrilled to find a solution to issue # 2 as well.
Not only does the paint roller extend so I won't have to stand on a chair to reach the top of the wall, it holds paint in the handle so you don't have to refill the roller repeatedly while you are painting. And the Shur-Line is supposed to allow you to cut in (that's the term for painting a straight line at the edge of your baseboard/window/closet/moulding/trim) without worrying about mistakes, saving you the huge time commitment of taping off each of these areas.

I plan to try both of these out this week when I paint our bedroom, so I'll report back soon!

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