Monday, January 17, 2011

Clean House

 Sorry for the radio silence for much of last week - we spent a fantastic two days at Disneyland with some visiting family, and by the time we made it home I was just too exhausted to report in. But thanks to an exciting new development in our house I'm feeling well rested...after much debate over the last six months, we finally hired a housekeeper. The final straw? I noticed cobwebs in our dining room chandelier last week.

Despite my best efforts since moving in to our new home, I've just been unable to keep up with everything as much as I would like to. Between my day job, the kids, my projects and now the dog, I've only been able to scratch the surface - literally - of the grime. So on Saturday morning at 8:30 Maria (my new BFF) arrived at our house and spent the next eight hours (yes, eight) cleaning it from top to bottom...well, I guess it's more like East to West, since it's only one story. She spent over two hours in the kitchen alone, going so far as to clean out the utensil drawer and scrub the front of the cabinets. By the time she was done everything sparkled and I was able to spend the beautiful 80 degree January day at the park with my family. It was well worth the expense and I'm already counting the days (12 to be exact) until she returns.

Do you guys have people clean your homes? How often? 

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