Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HomeGoods = Good Home

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a good deal. So when we had an opportunity to make a stop at the new giant HomeGoods store in El Segundo, CA last weekend I said, “yes please!” We had just left a lovely visit with my BFF mom-to-be (the one I threw this baby shower for) and decided to make a pit stop. Thanks to the convenience of the El Segundo Plaza we could accomplish four things with one trip:

1)     Scour the HomeGoods for great finds and super steals
2)     Pick up a few cleanse-related food items from Whole Foods (island brown rice with papaya and mango, anyone?)
3)     Get the 20 foot lead we need for dog obedience class from PetSmart (and ogle the cute pups up for adoption)
4)     Grab a roller back massager that the Mr. needed for his aching back from Dick’s Sporting Goods

We started in HomeGoods and found a few items I considered adding to the home. These great water jugs would be perfect for our summer cookouts on the deck, and are extra convenient since they come in this nice carrying basket:

Mr. R liked these white canisters with stainless steel lids for the kitchen, and they happened to be on clearance for $5 each. Seemed like they could be good for holding dog treats, tea bags, snacks for the kids and coffee.

I ADORED these Ralph Lauren bowls with the stitched rim and thought they would make a perfect addition to my white-filled hutch in the dining room.

Then, I’m sad to report, we got derailed in the pet aisle and ended up debating about which toys to get for the Rudog for 10 minutes. I didn’t realize it before but having a dog really is similar to having a child – so many cute toys to buy, then you give them to them and they play with the for five minutes before getting bored (or in Rudy’s case, before destroying the entire thing.) We let the kids each pick out one item for her and they went with a cute Valentine’s Day-inspired chew rope and knotted ball.

After that we were all hungry and ready for a snack, so we skipped out on the other items and moved on, but I’ve got my eye on you Home Goods El Segundo, and I’ll be back!

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