Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was so happy with the way that our holiday card came out that I found myself sneaking peaks of the tiny printout version I made when we initially planned to do printed cards vs. an ecard. So when I saw that Aaron Brothers was having their One Cent Sale, I decided to make a larger version of our silhouette family that I could hang up and look at whenever I wanted to (and without having to squint.)

I stopped over at the store and found this nice frame in white, so I grabbed it in 8X10.Then I printed the image on matte photo paper on our color printer, popped it in and Voila!

I'm still deciding where this will live, but I'm leaning towards the hallway by our master bathroom. Oh, and I got the same frame for my one cent option, since we tend to lean towards white frames throughout the house. Not sure what will go into the second one, but I love having an extra frame ready to go.  

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