Thursday, September 9, 2010

When Life Gives You Limes

While cleaning out our garage last weekend we noticed that our neighbor's lime tree had started growing way over our fence. The limes were much bigger than what you normally find in the produce department, and were weighing down the tree so heavily that it was almost resting on our garbarge bins. We thought about having the gardener prune the tree for about 1/2 a second, then pulled out a bag and started picking! To our great suprise the limes were juicy and delicious, yellower and sweeter on the inside than any I'd had before. While my little one frolicked in her plastic pool, my older daughter and I cleaned, cut and squeezed what had to have been 50 giant limes, making just enough juice for a 4 cup batch of fresh limeade:

Limeade Recipe
1 cup fresh lime juice
3 cups water
Granulated sugar to taste (I only used about 1/2 a cup because the limes were so sweet, but you can adjust according to your tastes)

It was a perfect day for a limeade stand, so my little entrepreneurs set up shop on the sidewalk and made a few bucks while we met more of our new neighbors. They threw in free kettle corn with each purchase and were quite proud of themselves.

We also made a batch for our friend's Labor Day cookout (she's pregnant so we kept them virgin, but it would mix well with both vodka or tequila too!) It was a super fun (and free) activity, if you don't count the broken citrus squeezer :) I guess we overdid it a bit on the squeezing.

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Annamarina said...

The limeade was delicious!! The best I've had :)