Monday, September 27, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Despite it officially being Fall now, temps reached over 100 in parts of Los Angeles on Saturday. So what better day to start emptying out our storage unit, right? Ugh.

While we were living in our condo we desperately needed the additional space, but now that we have more square footage and a garage, hanging onto the storage was a waste. It'll take a few trips to get it fully emptied out, but I was excited to get a jump on it.

One of the boxes we brought home was full of treasures that my Grandmother left me when she passed away. Although it was years ago, I didn't have the opportunity to incorporate them into our home until now. In addition to the lack of space, I was hesitant to have these sentimental and breakable items laying around when the kids were babies, but now that they understand (most of the time) what's for touching and what isn't, I was so happy to finally add some of them into our existing decor:

I was also super excited to uncover a couple of old photo albums, including my grandmother's wedding album, and this one, full of baby pics of me!

It's amazing to be able to look around my home and be reminded of my Grandma, and so nice for my girls, who likely won't remember meeting her when they're older, to have some little pieces of her history.


Annamarina said...

How special to have treasures from your grandmother! I love the new look of the blog and can't believe all that you've done on the house! Everything looks great :)

Carly said...

Thanks, Annamarina - your place looks amazing too!