Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fence Me In

Our front yard is one of the nicest features of our home. Well-manicured green grass, two beautiful agave plants, and plenty of space for the kids to play. What we don't like, however, are the shrubs that line the edge of our property at the sidewalk. They're sparse, dry (despite regular watering and gardening) and don't provide us sufficient privacy from the passersby on their way to the neighborhood bakery and restaurants.

See how our neighbors have that lovely and tall hedge,
and we have these puny, sad shrubs?

We're eager to make a change, and had narrowed it down to two options, either a hedge wall (like our nieghbor's) or a wooden fence, similar to these inspiration photos:

As much as we like the look of a privacy hedge, we were hoping to find a solution that didn't require watering, but we also weren't thrilled about the costs of a custom-built wooden fence, since we wouldn't really be happy with a standard off-the-shelf fence from a home improvement store.

Well apparently the fence Gods were on our side, because we got a call from a friend who had about 50 feet of wooden slat wall that they no longer wanted to store. One Uhaul rental, two trips and lots of sore muscles later, we have a driveway full of fence!

Don't you love it when things work out that way? We're hard at work planning out a configuration for our new fence, and can't wait to get it installed!

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alex amarxon said...

Through the path near the Insignia building, pay attention on the left where
you can find one more coin behind the wooden vinyl chain link fence