Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We’re a big fan of FLOR tiles in our house. They’re affordable, versatile and kid-friendly, since you can just pop one up to clean it if need be. When we lived in our condo we didn’t really have an opportunity to use them – our living/dining room and bedrooms were carpeted (mandated by the home owner’s association due to sound) and our kitchen was a bit too small to warrant them. Now we have lots of places where I could see them working well – under our dining table, in the kids’ room, and perhaps even wall-to-wall in our den when we get around to replacing the existing carpet in there. For now we just have a few lining the interior floor by the sliding glass door in our den to help minimize tracked in dirt and dust from the backyard and to frame out the large window. We went with an almost exact match to our curtains to create a cohesive feel from floor to ceiling, and although they are resting on our existing carpet, it’s low pile enough for them to sit flat and stay in place nicely.

I also created a little mat out of one leftover tile and the three sample tiles I ordered a while back. I use it to keep dirt from being tracked where the hardwood meets the carpet in the hallway leading to the den:

We’ll definitely be adding more to other rooms in the home, and I was excited to see the new catalog in the mail today so I could check out their new patterns and colors for fall. My favorites are definitely the Missoni-inspired Mag Neat O:

...and this beautiful, richly-colored Sophistikat, which can create multiple patterns depending on how you line up the tiles:

In looking at all these new options I definitely see that we need to add more color to our space. Maybe one of these will do the trick!

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