Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ACE in the Hole

After a fantastic week of Spring Break-ing it with the kids - filled with lazy days playing in the yard, a trip to the beach and a movie or two – the hubby and I snuck away to Palm Springs for the weekend and spent a lovely two days and nights at the ACE Hotel, and I can’t say enough good things about the place. In addition to a fun pool atmosphere, spectacularly comfortable bed and delicious cocktails, the d├ęcor of this hotel is absolutely inspiring. While most boutique hotels I’ve visited in the past have gorgeous interiors, the ACE effortlessly combines beauty with comfort, creating the perfect place to sneak away, but still feel like you can relax as if you were at home.

The bed was low and backed by a large, long cushion vs. a traditional headboard, which made it easy to lean back and read the 1986 National Geographic magazine tucked into the pocket on the right:

By the door to the room sat these two leather topped stools for additional seating, and resting there was the ACE's version of a "do not disturb" sign:

To the left of the bed was this small table with a vintage record player and selection of albums to choose from, along with a newer radio, including ipod connectors:

The slat wall behind the bed (there was also one to the right of the bed between the sleeping area and the bathroom) served as a perfect spot for hanging art (in this case pages from magazines and a Palm Springs poster) which was done by hooking binder clips to larger hooks resting in the slats:

PS – All credit for this hotel selection and fantastic weekend getaway must go to my fabulous husband, who planned the entire weekend, including putting together a list of activity ideas, restaurant choices and shopping spots. Thank you!

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Annamarina said...

I love the pool at the ACE hotel! My aunt took us for lunch there when we visited her last year. Such a fun place! Glad you guys enjoyed it :)