Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome home!

Hello and welcome to my first post “in the heights!” Just a few months ago – June 2nd to be exact – we moved into our beautiful home in the Wilshire Vista Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our family – me, my husband Leon and our two young daughters – became the proud owners of a three bedroom, 1 ¾ bathroom Spanish-style home built in 1927, and it was one of the most exciting days of my life. We would have shorter commutes and enough room for a real sofa with arms – what more does one need in life? (I’ll explain my obsession with sofa arms in a future post.)

This was not our first time as "homeowners", but since we were in a condo before, it was the first time we would have our own lawn to mow, our own deck to grill on, and our own driveway to park in. And with lawns and grills and driveways come walls to paint, pictures to hang, and rooms to decorate: three of my favorite things! First, however, come boxes to unpack. But it wouldn’t be too long before we took on our first project. Before I get to that though, here are some pictures of our new (well, new to us) house:


Master Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Hallway Bathroom
3rd Bedroom (we're going to use this as an office)

Den/4th Bedroom
We're so excited about the possibilities that this new adventure will bring our way!

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